Sometimes, the flashy videos that you've had professionally made for you are designed to be played on massive, high definition TVs - but Showcase doesn't need that much bloat. If you have videos in your showcase and you're finding that your showcase is a tad large, and approaching the showcase size limit, you may want to compress your videos down to make everything a bit more copacetic. 


We suggest using a free tool like Handbrake to compress your own videos. Here's a little run through on how to use it! 


1. Download Handbrake here.


2. Once download is finished, open the download and click the Handbrake icon. 


3. It will open a screen that looks like this. 


Click the Open Source icon in the top left to upload a video. 


4. Choose the video you'd like to compress. Handbrake will auto fill all the details it pulls from the video info - you don't need to worry about selecting or changing any of those options on the screen. Just double check in the 'Save As' section in the bottom, that your file is being saved to the correct place. You can change the destination by clicking 'Browse'. 


5. Once that's done, click 'Start' at the top of the screen. This begins compressing your video. 
This can take a while, depending on the size of the video you're uploading. You can see it downloading on the bottom of the screen!


6. Once the download has finished, you will now have a compressed file that you can upload to your showcase! 


Important note! 

Videos downloaded from YouTube and then put through Handbrake end up LARGER than the original, due to the software trying to enhance the pixelated quality that comes from YouTube. If you are wanting to compress a video, please ensure that you have the original file.e