You can link many different types of content to a showcase hotspot. 

  • Images (such as slide images which, if you're adding more than one, appear as a swipeable slideshow)
  • Video [mov, mp4, m4v, avi, wmv, flv, mpg or mpeg]
  • Documents (.pdf, .docx, .xlsx, .pptx)
  • URL (website address)
  • A 'submenu' (new sub level slide)

Here's how to load content to a hotspot:

  1. Create a new hotspot, or click to highlight the pre-existing hotspot you want to add content to.

  2. Select ‘Add content’ from the menu above the showcase and choose the type of content you wish to add to the hotspot. 

    If your hotspot already has content added, the content that was there previously will show in this space, instead of "Add Content". 

    You can click into this and the small minus button icon will allow you to "Remove" that content, in order to add a new type of content. If the content you're replacing is the same type, e.g. a video with another video, you can use the "Replace" button instead.

  3. If not a URL or submenu, you will be prompted to select your file(s) from the file library, or upload them via the file picker.

  4. Click ‘Done’ to confirm, or the minus button to ‘Remove’ and change the content again.

Once content is added to a hotspot, the ‘Add content’ option will change to indicate the type of content that has been added. You can change this at any time by clicking this option and assigning different content as above. 

You will need to publish any changes in order for them to take effect.

Linking URLs that aren't websites: Yes! You totally can. 

Email Addresses

To link to an email address in a way that prompts a mail client (like Outlook or the iPad 'Mail' app) to open, put "mailto:" before the address in the URL field. This is with no spaces & capitals. So if the email address is, then you'd put like in the image.

Phone numbers

You can also use sms: and tel: in the same fashion with phone numbers, but be aware this will only work when viewing the showcase on phones!

Links to other apps

You can also get a URL to trigger the opening of another app installed on the device. We have another article about this practice specifically.

HTML Content

If you're feeling advanced, you can also add HTML5 content to a hotspot. More details are here.