If you've removed all links to a slide or slideshow and haven't re-linked them elsewhere, you'll end up with unused slides.

This is quite common in large showcases. Although unused slides don't cause any real problems with your showcase, they can clutter your sidebar and the 'Existing Slides' dialog box — and that can get confusing fast!

You can quickly identify unused — or unlinked — slides by the symbol that looks like an eye with a line through it, which appears beside any unused slides in the sidebar to the left of your showcase.

You can delete these slides individually by clicking the trashcan icon beneath the slide details.

If you want to do a quick spring clean of your slides, you can also delete unused slides in bulk:

  1. From the Editor, click 'Find' in the top toolbar.

  2. At the bottom of the 'Find Slide' dialog box, click 'Delete all unused slides'.

  3. You'll get a warning asking you to confirm that you want to permanently delete all unused slides in your showcase. Click 'OK' to confirm the delete or 'Cancel' to think about it some more.

Remember: If you decide you want to keep your unused slides, you can always relocate them from one spot to another.