A compatible web browser and internet connection is all that is required on the recipients end - easy! This feature can be turned on/off at any time. 

The recipient will not be able to view your workshop or any other showcases; just the showcase you send to them. 

To allow the full showcase to be shared, heres what you do:  


1. In the Home tab of the website, click the ‘Manage sharing’ link associated with the showcase you wish to enable Showcase Online view for.


2. Toggle the button labeled ‘Allow full showcase to be shared’ to turn access on/off. Make sure it says Enabled if you'd like it turned on. 


3. Publish the showcase to push this update to users.

When sharing from the app, the 'View Showcase Online' option will appear in the list of shareable content if you have allowed the full showcase to be shared: 

When sharing from Email Pitch, it will appear as "Full Showcase Access (30 days)". This is the same thing as "View Showcase Online" so don't worry if you notice the difference! 


How long can your recipient view your showcase for?

The recipient gets an email with a link to view the showcase. This is valid for 30 days. We pop this restriction on so that when you're updating your showcase, you don't have old content floating round out there in your recipients inboxes! You are able to change the length of time your shared content lasts for - from 7 days all the way up to 180 days. You can change this under: Settings > Workshop Settings > and it's right there under Shared Content Expiry.

You can track the viewing of a full showcase from the Sharing History page.

Allowing the full showcase to be shared also enables your team to use the Email Pitch feature to send a whole showcase.