Replacing files across multiple showcases | Showcase Workshop

Replacing files across multiple showcases

Before 2017, when replacing files, your only option was to do this on a showcase-first basis, and replace all instances of a file within one single showcase. You can read more about that here

But if you want to replace one file across multiple different showcases, we need to change perspective, and approach it from a file-first basis.

1. Lets get going! First we're going to the 'Files' tab of the website at

2. We're in the file library, so the next step is to find the particular file that needs replacing in multiple spots. We can use regular old search for this.

3. I've found my file using the search function, and I've selected the file I want. There is now a button along the top called "Usages".

4. Click this to see the Usages:

5. Now I'm being shown a list of everywhere this file is linked across my different showcases.

Pro Tip: All of those slide references are links. If I need to go edit just one of these slides, I can click directly on the link to be transported to that particular slide in that showcase. Super easy. 

But in this case, I actually just want to blanket-replace this file everywhere with my new file.

6. We'll click that button, that says "Replace All Usages".

7. We now have a file library inside a file library. Because we're replacing a file, we need to get the new file we're going to put in place of all those instances of the original file.

So I will here upload a file like usual, using the same old "Upload files" button we're used to.

8. I've named the new file differently so I can keep track of what is what in my Showcase file library. Once the upload is finished...

It's showing up, as expected, in the file library within a file library. So when I "Choose" this file, this is what will replace my previous file.

Note that even after I click that big orange button, I will still get one more chance to check:

9. I'm sure. I've never been more sure of anything in my whole life. Let's do this!

If you want to check this, you can look at "Usages" for the new file; or even at "Usages" for your old file to see that it's no longer used.

10. A change in file counts as an "edit", and like any other edit, it needs to be published. So if you replaced the file in 6 different showcases, remember you still need to go and publish each of those 6 showcases to get the new file showing up to your Viewer users.

We don't publish automatically as part of the "Replace All Usages" process, because you may be wanting to make multiple changes and check things over before publishing. We're leaving the publishing power in your hands! God speed. fiel

(Are you sick of the word 'file' yet?)