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Sharing Content from the Showcase app

If your showcase has content available for sharing, you have the ability to share this content with anyone who has an email address.

To share content from the app:
1. Open the showcase you wish to share content from
2. Hit the sharing button in the top right:

If you can't see the sharing button, it means your showcase has no shareable content! Get in touch with your Admin - or, if you are the Admin, check out how to add shareable content here.

If you hate touching buttons in the top right corner for any reason, you can also access Sharing from Tools - you open this via the button bottom left, instead, and the sharing option will be in the tray:

3. Select the content you wish to share from the list (you can select multiple files, of different types) & then hit 'Next' in the top right.


4. Fill out the recipient's name, recipient email, and add a message if you wish.

5. Touch the ‘Send’ button to share the content.

An email will be sent to the recipient containing a link to the content you have shared. You as the sender will also be CC’d in this message.

If you don't have your tablet handy, you can also share from the website using our Email Pitch feature.

You can track when a recipient has opened or downloaded the content you shared via the Reporting area in the Showcase Workshop website.