When you click the 'New showcase from template' button, you will be shown 8 options. You can use any of these for your own work, and they can all be edited to an extent! 


To use one of our templates:

1. Select "New showcase from template" on the home screen of app.showcaseworkshop.com - at the top of your showcase list. 


2. Choose one you like! The template names are just general theme guideline s- you don't actually have to use the Products template for Products! 


3. Once the showcase is created, click 'Edit' to start customising. 


4.To change any of the text on this template, simply double click on the hotspot in which the text lives. You can tell where the hotspots are by looking for the dotted line boxes around the text.

Now you're free to change the words, size, colour, and font of your text. You can even delete it completely and have nothing there if you wish.


5. To remove the current content in a  template hotspot (to load your own), click on the hotspot and you'll see whatever content is loaded to the hotspot appear in the content box in the menu bar (as shown).



To change it, either click the 'Replace' button or the 'Remove' button, which is the little minus circle next to it.

To add content to a hotspot that doesn't have anything linked yet - click the hotspot once, and then click the 'plus' sign that appears on the box. You'll then be shown options of what you can upload!


That is the basics of how to use the templates - please read this blog post for a more comprehensive play by play if what you can do with templates.